My Professional & Personal Experiences

I have attained my (cpcc) certification in co-active coaching from CTI (Co-Active Training Institute). I have been practicing coaching since 2016.

I have also conducted group coaching, arranged company workshops, retreats, online webinars, and live talks.

I am continuously enriching my expertise and experience, to work with my clients as holistically as can be and always give them the utmost best, that will help them reach inner peace. 


Sessions with me consist of the following, depending on the client's needs:
- Emotional Processing Techniques

- Emotional Intelligence Building
- Mindset Coaching

- Mindfulness Coaching

- Guided Meditations

- Art Therapy

- Energy Coaching

In addition to my professional experience, I offer my personal experiences as well. I've gotten quite numerous feedback to share my personal experiences, as it helps clients to feel at ease talking to a person that has gone through similar experiences. Here are several experiences that I lived and overcame: Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Bullying, Abusive Relationship, PTSD, Depression, Suicidal Thinking, Low Self-Esteem, Entrepreneurial Failures, and Lost in Passion & Purpose.


I can only describe myself as to what I stand for; my values. 
As many of us, we have many values, but here are my top 7, that I bring in the coaching sessions as a coach, and help grow within my clients in addition to discovering and growing their own values:

authenticity, acceptance, connection, love, joy, courage, & freedom.

If you feel connected to these values, and would love to know and grow yours too. Drop me a message to meet for an informal "Chemistry Meetup", and see if we would work well together. 

Is my energy what you need in your Inner-Peace journey?

Choose the energy you need

When choosing someone to be on your journey of healing and expanding, it is important to choose the right facilitator. Change is not an easy path, and sometimes looking deep inside can be scary, therefore; choosing someone that you feel safe with and held by is vital for your transformation. 

So how do you go about choosing the right person for you? 
Well, first of all, dig up all information you can find about your prospective facilitators by reading about them, following them on social media, and most importantly meeting them for an informal meet-up.. Find out the following: Who are they? What do they represent? What life experiences have they gone through? What energies do they have that you need in your life? Are they giving you their undivided attention? Can they empathize with you? And most importantly, do you feel comfortable with them?


In conclusion, a deep connection is important to have with your facilitator.