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Am I the Best?

Empowering You

I know what it's like to look for the best facilitator that can help you because it is an investment of money, effort and time, and you really want it to work..

No matter how much I try, I won't be able to convince you that I am the best for you, because we all mix differently.


That's why it is not about sales for me, it is about connection!

I want for you to empower your gut feeling, and feel if this is going to bring the value that is worth all the energy you put in.

I invite you, before you commit financially & more,

to meet me personally, and feel what it would be like to enter into a committed healing journey together.



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The Experiences I Offer

Professional & Personal

I put my love into what I do, and into every relationship I create. One of the ways to express my love to my clients is to continuously learn how to reach them, how to connect with them, and how to help them heal and love themselves.

I have attained my (cpcc) certification in co-active coaching from CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation) I have been practicing coaching since 2016.


I have also conducted group coaching, arranged company workshops, retreats, online webinars, and live talks.

I am continuously enriching my expertise and experience, to work with my clients as holistically as can be and always give them the utmost best, that will help them heal & thrive. 


Sessions with me consist of the following, depending on the client's needs:
- Emotional Processing Techniques

- Emotional Intelligence Building
- Mindset Coaching

- Mindfulness Coaching

- Guided Meditations

- Quantum Energy Healing (remote & in-person)

In addition to my professional experience, my personal experiences of going through rough patches growing with my relationship with my family, my self-worth, and my intimate life, helps me feel connected to my clients, and helps me create a safe space for them to be.

Why Clients Chose Me..

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