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Hi! I'm Lana..

Hi! I'm Lana..

It's nice to meet you, and welcome to my world of Ïnner Peace" that is filled with authenticity, acceptance, connection, love, joy, courage & freedom.

As a coach, I offer you all my experience from the coactive coaching certification that I achieved, the information that I constantly learn from other experts, the hundreds of hours of coaching-practice with my clients, and my own personal life experiences, all packaged for you.

It is really important that you choose the right coach for you; that allows you to feel safe and nurtures you through your transformation. 

Learn more about me, and see if my energy is what you need in your life's journey right now.

And, remember to always follow your intuition.

I couldn't feel thankful enough of having found a friend and life coach like Lana. Her impact on my personal growth is grand even with only a few sessions we've had together. On many occasions, I find myself more and more referring to the learnings I've acquired through her wisdom and guidance. I believe to have become a better version of myself even only in the past one year, and Lana's role in this is quite significant. I recommend her coaching to anyone who is willing to dive deeper in themselves and adopt new perspectives in life!

Ceren Kaysadi

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I offer you my undivided attention when you choose me to be your coach. 
You can choose from my various packages as well as single sessions.

Your employees are your number one asset. When you take care of their environment and their personal growth, you grow too. 

Being in a group helps us  learn from one-another and support each other and build deep connections. Join us on a collective learning experience.

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Life is organic. And so are you! 

You have the power to create yourself and create the life around you. 
Say ByeBye to feeling lost, worried, stressed, beat, and say Hello to you and a world filled with

peace, love & joy.

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