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Your HEART is the source of your ENERGY

HEAL it..


If you are looking for a loving, organic and deep approach to:


Heal the toxic relationships in your life


Heal yourself from self-sabotaging & feeling unworthy


Heal your intimate self and intimate life...


Then we might be a good match to work together!

My specialty is to work with people who experienced a traumatic past that has affected their relationships with family & friends, as well as affected their intimate & romantic relationships.

More about my background & approach

I invite you to book a Free Coaching Blueprint Call, to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Are You New Here?

Welcoming you to heal your heart


Why Clients Come to Me?

I put a lot of love into my clients' healing

Lana Maher


My clients come from many backgrounds with so many factors playing in their lives like  their relationship challenges with partners, family & friends, their relationship with past traumatic events and their relationship with their self worth, body & sexual expression. 

Many feelings come into play when the relationships we have with ourselves, our partners, our family, our friends are not healthy like: guilt & shame, fears of abandonment & problems with attachment,  having low self worth, and over pleasing others, which plays an effect on our body image & confidence & affects our sexual expression in our intimate lives.

I've been through all of what is mentioned above, and I can understand when your whole reality feels like it is crashing, and you just want to escape it.

You can say that I work as a 
Holistic Life Coach 

You can hear directly from my client's testimonials.

It is you facing your reality... 
So we work together on finding tools and ways that will work for you, and help you practice and build strength in using these these tools  to navigate through your thoughts and emotions.. 
And, I am here to provide a loving & safe space for you to face your reality, help you clean up the mess in your headspace, heal your heart, and create a new reality..

Because you deserve the best of care & attention, I put a lot a love in you & what I do! 


From Heart to Heart,



Hear From My Clients

Why did they choose coaching

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Phone: +352 661 40 1985

Address: 25, rue Adolphe, Luxembourg

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