Workshops & Retreats

The purpose of group workshops is to grow on a personal level AND to build a support system to facilitate this growth, because we are not alone.

Connection is one of my core values. I work to facilitate connection with self and connection with others. The workshops that I create and co-create for a day or at a retreat, are filled with creativity, fun, collective learning, active learning, practical learning, bonding & deep transformation. 

We all have something to offer. We all can learn from each other. We all can be supportive of one another. 
In this collective space, it is all about breaking the ice internally and externally, by creating a space that we do not judge ourselves and we do not judge others, so we can all connect through our humanity in order to grow and transform. 

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Workshop Series

Working in collaboration along side the beautiful Life & Relationship Coach Nilgun, to help you be in a stronger, more accepting, more communicative, more sensual, & more loving relationship. 

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Stella Nova
Community & Retreats

We are all meant to shine in our own uniqueness. Every star is part of a beautiful constellation & together we create vast galaxies. Join our community & retreats to expand your light & to light-up the skies.

State of Being
Community & Workshops

 In  the beautiful country of Luxembourg, a community is built to collectively live a more mindful & aware lifestyle, through meetups & workshops filled with powerful questions, deep conversations & more.

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Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat

Taken from the symbolism of the Sakura bloom (Cherry Blossom), the retreat was designed to give our guests the space and opportunity to organically flourish by sharing practices & learning to help them live life to their fullest.