Sakura Wellness Retreat

The Sakura experience

11 beautiful guests also known as "Sakuris",  ventured into a mind, body, heart and soul experience with us. They have all beautifully blossomed like Sakura flowers, with more joy, love, warmth, growth, tranquility and more.

The retreat joined all of yoga, life coaching workshops, nature workshops, meditation sessions, landscape nature, a sustainable & beautiful venue, from the farm vegetarian meals, and a wonderful community under one roof for one collective transformative experience.

To describe their time at the retreat, we leave it up to our guests to share their testimonials and awarenesses with you.

A deep awareness experience

The objective of every retreat is to give us the space to take a step back from our busy lives and busy minds, and reflect on what is going on inside of us, and on the direction our lives are taking; to be able to let go of what does not serve us anymore, adopt and grow new habits, and in our word "transform".

Listen to these beautiful "Sakuris" as they share their deep awarenesses with you.

Testimonials on the
"Life Coaching Workshops"

The workshops are catered for a deep learning experience, filled with powerful questions, deep discussions, fun learning and activities. 
This is what our "Sakuris" learned from the workshops.

Reflect on who we were and who we are today

We asked our "Sakuris" to tell us what would they tell their first day retreat selves, knowing what they know now; as it is important for us to track our own progress in life, and appreciate every step of the way.

My Gratitudes...

First projects are always dear to heart, and I'm very grateful for my partnership with my dear friend, and Saudi Arabia's reputable Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Ghalia Khaldi. 

"Thank you Ghalia for being in this journey of spreading love, light, inner-peace, and transformation with me."


It was our first experience in creating & hosting a retreat. And we decided to go all out with everything we had to offer to bring in a very transformative experience for everyone that open-heartedly joined us. I am grateful for our guests that shared their energy (body, mind, heart & soul) with us. Each one of them was impactful to our whole collective experience.

"Thank you "Sakuris" for trusting us, growing with us, and for making our first retreat experience one to always remember, and a doorway to more". 


We chose a location called Casa Vale Da Lama in the Algarve of Portugal, that practiced permaculture,. The food was all natural from the local farms. The view, setting, and location, brought in the magic of being in the midst of natural open space. The experience felt like living in a spa. 

"Thank you to all at Casa Vale Da Lama for being hospitable, and for providing exceptional comfort to us and our guests."

To see what Ghalia is up to in her next retreats you can visit her site: