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You want to feel understood, appreciated, supported, loved, excited, touched, heard, seen, and grow in your relationship. 
This workshop is about building the foundation for all of that, to keep the spark alive, and be in a strong 

We learn how to communicate and how to listen to our partners. And for those who are single, it is a great chance to learn how to do so in your next relationship.

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"If you just communicate, you can get by.


if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles." Jim Rohn

What are REALationships workshops about?

There are different levels of communication in a relationship.

When you are able to master these different levels of communication in a relationship, you will set yourselves up into having a relationship you want to invest your time and emotions in, and having a relationship filled with a long lasting spark. Keeping your relationship youthful and exciting.

Wether you are in a relationship or not, in the workshops we practice tools to help you:

adult-art-boyfriend-1449059 (1).jpg

1) Communicate through words, by expressing yourself honestly without fear of rejection, to acknowledge your partner, and to be curious about each other.

2) Communicate through listening to know more about what you want, and what you partner wants. 

3) Communicate through action to express yourself and to understand your partner's actions.

4) Communicate non verbally and connect to your partner emotionally & energetically.

5) Communicate through touch to anchor the emotions of love, intimacy, understanding, support, and safety. 

Why join the 

REALationships workshops?

Why do we have this "want" or this "need" to be in a relationship?

Well, one thing's for sure, going through life with someone is easier than going through life alone. And you might have additional or other answers to that. 

Saying that; relationships come with their challenges, because we are all different and unique like finger prints. Even though we might agree on many things, but on other things, we view them differently. 

The workshops are about bridging the gaps no matter how small they are or big they may seem. Once we bridge the gaps, we end up having a stronger relationship than ever, that is always filled with spark.

Who are the REALationships

workshops for?


- Single, and haven't had a strong relationship, and want to learn more about having one

- Single, and never been in a relationship before

- About to get married, and want to have a strong foundation for your marriage

- In a relationship/marriage and enthusiastic about learning to be stronger as a couple.

- In a long term relationship/marriage, but got stuck in a routine, and the spark kind of faded.

-In a relationship/marriage that is rocky, and feels like you are about to split up

P.S. All are welcome no matter your background or orientation.

Meet your hosts


Nilgun Ozhan Gokkent

Life & Relationship Coach

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Lana Maher

Life Coach

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Lana & Nilgun, want to share tools they have learned and created to help themselves and now to help everyone else who is interested in having a strong long lasting relationship.
They personally have many relationship triumphs, struggles, traumas, discoveries and experiences to share during the workshop to give you real examples of how we are all human. They are both certified Life Coaches with Nilgun having an extra accreditation in Relationship Coaching.

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