Power of Choice..

My coaching space is a no judgement space, and bound by my promise to keep your sessions confidential.

I work with clients Online & with clients living in Luxembourg who wish to have their sessions in person. 

I have created a number of packages to choose from. With sessions lasting to 1h and 30 min.

I want to give all my clients tools that they can use so they can heal themselves.


When you purchase a package, you are also supporting me to help those that are not able to afford these prices and deserve healing too.

Healing is for everyone; scroll down this page to check

"Financial Support".

Please purchase a package or a session before booking a session

You Deserve the Best

  • Heal Yourself 8

    8 sessions
    Valid for one year
    • Sessions are 1h 30min long
    • 4 energy healing sessions (exchangeable with coaching)
    • 4 coaching sessions (non exchangeable with energy)
  • Heal Yourself 5

    5 sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Sessions are 1h 30min long
    • 2 energy healing sessions (exchangeable with coaching)
    • 3 coaching sessions (non exchangeable with energ)
  • Heal Yourself 3

    3 sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • Sessions are 1h 30min long
    • 1 energy healing sessions (exchangeable with coaching)
    • 2 coaching sessions (non exchangeable with energy)
  • A Dose of Love

    Single Session
    Valid for one month
    • Session is 1h 30min long

Financial Support..

Healing is for everyone. If you are financially able, you are paying to help me help a group of people that are on low to no personal income. 

If you can afford my pricing but not in one payment, contact me and I'll be happy to help.

If you cannot afford these pricings at all due to very low or no personal income, contact me, and we'll work together to see what works best for the both of us.

What my wonderful clients shared about their coaching experiences.. (to be updated)

I couldn't feel thankful enough of having found a friend and life coach like Lana. Her impact on my personal growth is grand even with only a few sessions we've had together. On many occasions, I find myself more and more referring to the learnings I've acquired through her wisdom and guidance. I believe to have become a better version of myself even only in the past one year, and Lana's role in this is quite significant. I recommend her coaching to anyone who is willing to dive deeper in themselves and adopt new perspectives in life!


Ceren Kaysadi