Come & Be In Love Retreat

 by Stella Nova

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Stella Nova Presents:

Come & Be In Love

Discover the power of love

We're inviting you to a

Self-Love Weekend Retreat

8th till 10th November

Friesland, The Netherlands

What is the self-love retreat about?

"When was the last time you connected with yourself without distractions?"

The retreat is created to give you the space and time to step out of your busy lives, and to connect to yourself with self love, self acceptance, and self compassion.

It is a space for you to step out from the roles you play in your default lives, as a parent, a partner, an employee, a business owner, a care taker, a friend; and step into the role of just being you,

And by just being you, you connect to your innate most authentic self, that will give you the power to express yourself free from fears and worries, full of love & energy to share your beautiful gifts with the world.

What will you gain from practicing self-love?

"Self-love is about taking ownership

of your own happiness in life"

Self-love encourages you reach your health goals and sustain a healthier life style quicker.

Self-love increases your immune system, and helps prevent some sickness and helps you overcome sickness quicker.

Self-love gives you inner peace in your mind and heart

Self-love raises your energy levels, 

Self-love helps you overcome or prevent mental health diseases like depression & anxiety.

Self-love guides you through change and adversity. 
Self-love over-powers procrastination and achieve goals quicker.

What will you be doing during this  weekend retreat?

The weekend will be filled with interactive and guided on workshops around the topics of:

- Self-love

- Authenticity & self expression

- Freedom & abundance

The atmosphere will be filled with love, respect, learning, dancing, singing, painting, bonding, connecting, transformations, freedom and more.

We will create a safe space for you to be, to express yourself freely & be yourself without limitations.

Meet your hosts

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Bianca Bertl

Psychologist & Life Coach

Lana Introducing Bianca:

I remember Bianca's jazzy hands directed towards me, choosing me as her partner in one of our coaching modules. She felt a connection that we would have, and her intuition on that connection flourished into what we are creating now with Stella Nova. What I admire about Bianca is her courage to always be outside her comfort zone, battling all her fears, and overcoming each fear with victory and more love to share with the world. Bianca has the ability to see through you, and see the real you, the beautiful you, the magical you, behind all the facades you put up, and sees everyone is deserving of love. Bianca has been a great support to me personally with her whole being, accepting me, seeing the greatness in me, being with me on my journey in life's ups and downs, and partnering with me to spread the light in this world. Bianca has so much to share with her deeply intuitive and compassionate nature as a coach, a spiritual healer, and a being of light.


Lana Maher

Life Coach

Bianca Introducing Lana:

Lana is one of the most loving and beautiful souls I have ever met. Her smile is contagious and just being around her makes me feel loved and appreciated. She is also very powerful in a way that she will not let anyone get away with playing small. She does look through the masks people are wearing and will hold you accountable to become the best version of yourself possible. She is a dear friend, an amazing coach and a healer on a very deep level. She holds a lot of wisdom, gathered through her own growth journey. I know her as very authentic and true to her heart. She lives and speaks her truth, meaning she walks her talk. She brings fierceness that transcends limitations. At the same time she has a lot of sensitivity to bring to everyone around her. She is a colourful and flavourful rainbow queen. I feel blessed to walk beside her as a friend on this path towards freedom and I know she feels the same towards everyone that joins this amazing group

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What the retreat includes?

- 2 nights stay for the 8th and 9th of November

- Full board vegetarian & vegan meals

-Snacks , water, tea & coffee throughout the day

-Coaching materials & memorabilia

- 1 hour free coaching session with coach of your choice after the retreat

*The retreat does not include transportation to and from the retreat. However we can work together to arrange car pooling options with the coaches or other participants.



New Eden - Center for Personal Transformation

Sparjeburd 2, 8409 CK Hemrik, Netherlands

90 minutes drive from Amsterdam

Click for all details of how to get there by car or the nearest train station

Pricing & Bookings:

Come & Be in Love
Take the time from your busy lives and busy minds to be madly in-love with who you are and honor your being.
08 nov. 2019, 17:00 – 10 nov. 2019, 15:00
New Eden,
Sparjeburd 2, 8409 CK Hemrik, Netherlands

*Each room is equipped with a private bathroom

**Please email us if you would like to share a room with somebody you know

***Females will share rooms together, unless asked to share a room with a friend or partner

****Option for private rooms will only be available after all bookings are completed. And will be announced one week in prior to the event with a 50€ additional charge 

Retreat Testimonials

Retreat Testimonials

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