How happy are your employees?

95% of my clients are employees. Out of these employed clients of mine 98% of them have rated their job satisfaction as low. Giving the following reasons:
- Lack of an organization culture
- Lack of communication between managers & employees

- Lack of personal time

- Lack of employee appreciation

- Lack of growing opportunities

- Learning curve stagnation

And these findings are just from my direct clients. 


Do you know if your employees are happy?

An indicator can be the number of complaints, turn over rate, and decline or stagnation in productivity. .

And great and additional way to measure is to create a survey and ask them yourself.


Why is employee happiness important?

Happy employees equals to an increase in productivity. 

Let's meet up and discuss how we can work together to bring more joy and happiness within your employees. 

Here are a few ways we can work together:

- Hire me as a personal coach for your employees

- Hire me to create unique group workshops to create and grow a company culture, according to the company values.

- Hire me to create and manage company retreats.

- Let's create a company discount for your employees to attain my services.


Lana ran an excellent EQ (emotional intelligence) workshop for us here at Amazon. It was a half-day workshop for 20 people, with interactive exercises, individual reflection and group work. The energy and positivity in the room was amazing, participants highly valued the session, some said it was the best thing they had done at work that month. Lana was brilliant to collaborate with, in terms of the pre-work on tailoring the workshop to our objectives, her talent and presence in running the workshop, and our retrospective afterwards to discuss what went well and next steps. I highly recommend Lana to other individuals and companies if you are seeking to improve the EQ of your teams.

- Brian Ballantyne

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