Art Therapy & Life Coaching

Why art & coaching?

Joining both art and various coaching techniques (mindest, meditation, mindfulness, EQ), helps us go deeper into our subconscious and our being. 

Through actively creating any form of art, we activate all 4 hemispheres of the brain. This empowers the brain to create solutions, think outside of the box, see the opportunities around us, and cease the moment.

Healing through art

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Art is considered a form of expression. Everything that is inside of us becomes outside of us, as emotions are meant to be expressed. Suppressed emotions cause physical and mentals diseases, fatigue, body aches, and being socially secluded. Through art and coaching, we go deep into the emotions that are locked, free them, and make way for peace to take it's place. From a place of peace we prosper.


Types of Art Therapy & Life Coaching Workshops

- Emotional Healing

- Intention & Goal Setting

- Leadership & Self Confidence

- Inner Guidance & Clarity

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